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Over time, we have received requests from our customers for specific actions to be developed having already defined their strategies and having clear ideas to develop. This has also allowed us to specialise in specific services for example:

Training and capacity building

ID Consulting offers training and capacity building:

    • to provide the basics and skills by explaining the framework of contractual agreements (with the European Commission and partners) and financial management that arise around a EU funding. During the courses, aspects of administrative and financial management are analysed and explored in depth, such as: planning and revision of the project budget, allocation of the grant among the partners and organisation of the related disbursements, checking the eligibility of expenditure and its concordance with the budget plan, administrative and financial relations with the European Commission.
    • improve the knowledge on Institutions and the decision-making process, Policies and related programmes, analysing their framework, strategies, implementation tools and budgets, and calls for proposals and calls for tenders.
    • Information activities on European policies, activities and fundings ID Consulting constantly informs and updates its clients on the policies, published calls and events of the European institutions and platforms. This transfer of information may take place through ad hoc organised workshops and meetings.

Organisation of events in Brussels

Over the years, we have often supported our clients in organising events both at European institutions and other locations in Brussels. 
What we have offered them has been a complete package including the identification and setting up of venues, support in defining agenda in line with the type of audience, the objectives of the meeting, the timing and the budget, and the liaison with the aspects of communication, invitations and media outreach. We have also organised multilingual events involving our specialised translators and managed the mediation of the meeting thanks to the network of journalists with whom we are in contact. Especially during the pandemic, we were also asked to organise mono- and multilingual online events. In this respect, we have structured ourselves with the necessary resources to support your online events as well.
We also provided reports of the action containing both information on the participants and the content covered. Upon request, these reports were transformed into project deliverables or policy recommendations.

Support and development of specific projects

Some of our clients arrived already with clear ideas and with a call or a tender proposal already identified, but with the difficulty of understanding how and with whom to develop the project and how to compile the dossier of the proposal they had in mind. So we were able to support them by proposing several actions: study of the call, support in defining the PERTT , support in identifying international partners, support in identifying stakeholders useful for implementing the project, support in creating the budget, defining milestones and project deliverables, support in defining KPIs, impact analysis and writing, support in the drafting of communication, dissemination and exploitation plans for the project, support and assistance in proposal submission, support in management activities during the implementation of the project and provision of specific services during the project implementation phase.

Support in creation and development of international offices

Being based in Brussels right in the European Quarter and being a network of organisations from all over Europe, we know that one of the most requested services is logistical support.You know Brussels is the home of lobbying and many international associations that we have helped to create and develop have located themselves here to continue the dialogue with the institutions. Since the role of the representative offices of the regions was established in Brussels, a number of organisations have approached us to support them with a view to bringing Europe closer to its citizens, businesses and universities. That is why over the years we have specialised in accompanying them towards the establishment of international organisations or srl, supporting them in identifying offices, meeting rooms but also in setting up legal entities, creating their statutes and maintaining relations with financial, legal and banking experts. Often I also supported them in the management of the secretariat or in the training of staff or in their relations with European institutions or the business plan creation.

Gender Equality Plan

As stated in the General Annexes of the Horizon Europe Work Programme, as an eligibility criterion for participating in research projects, organisations must demonstrate that they have developed a Gender Equality Plan (GEP). To meet this requirement, ID Consulting, through its participation in the  WISE4All network, has established a working group capable of providing support for the study and development of GEPs by offering its clients a turnkey package ranging from analysis and study, interviews with members of the organisation, plan writing, coaching and training.  

Communication and dissemination plan and media relations

In addition, ID Consulting is the founding member of S-Com, a network of communicators in several European cities.

Over the years together we have supported our clients in the development of communication and dissemination plans for European projects, but also by offering a range of communication support services: websites, graphic identity and promotional material, social media management, media relations, etc.

But also training activities on marketing and communication aspects, institutional guidelines and impact-related studies and research.

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