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ID CONSULTANCY – Tailor-made approach

ID Consulting offers its clients tailor-made consultancy services on European policies and programmes according to their objectives and needs respecting the confidentiality and privacy of our clients. This is ensured by an approach that has enabled IDC to support different types of organisations (private companies, international associations, local entities, banks, etc.) successfully for more than 25 years. This approach is based on a transversal methodology that consists of accompanying the client along a path that is established on the basis of the objectives that emerge from the client’s profiling and the analysis of European policies of interest. This strategic framework makes it possible to define the client’s European positioning and to establish an action plan aimed at establishing a constant and permanent dialogue with the European institutions and stakeholders concerned.

Why do we say this approach is successful? Our knowledge of the European institutions has made us realise that an ad-hoc project approach risks being unsustainable for clients who invest money and do not always reap the rewards of their success. Instead, a tailor-made approach optimises resources and maximises results. We strongly believe that the project should be seen as the ultimate moment of interaction with institutions to allow excellent value to be generated in line with European expectations.

The action plan that is generated includes specific actions such as training and capacity building, creation of legal entities in Belgium, organisation of events, development of and support for specific projects, support in communication and marketing plans, and others according to the needs that emerge.

In this case, ID Consulting will be able to assist in the implementation of these activities thanks to its network of experts throughout Europe.

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