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ID Consulting is more than a company: it is a fascinating history started in 1997 from the ideas of its founders, a group of former officials of the European institutions with strong expertise and competences in research and innovation and sustainable development. Lying at the very heart of the European Union, ID Consulting had the opportunity not only to witness history but also to create it together with its partners, customers, researchers and officials who embraced its innovative method. Because of its solid ethical values and its ability to translate innovative ideas into concrete and successful projects. Over the years ID Consulting was able to gain the trust of a wide range of clients willing to take part in a knowledge-sharing community and contribute to the shaping of a better future for everyone, working to match European policies with the needs coming from its clients.

Why Choose Us?

Highly customized services

At IDC, we provide highly customized services to a wide array of customers such as private entities coming from different sectors, universities, EU and national associations, universities and public authorities.

Match with EU institutions

Everyday, we advise customers to design and adopt innovative strategies that enhance their competitiveness while creating a match between their needs and competences and the objectives of the EU institutions.

Digitalisation and digital transformation

We are a community of experts that works extensively on the digitalisation and digital transformation in several fields, as agriculture, industrial transformation, social transformation, tourism, etc.

Our Services