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Net7 srl is an Italian SME based in Pisa, founded in April 2001 by seven young researchers in different disciplines (Computer Science, History, Literature, Physics, Business Administration) as a software development company. Its core business is the development of software applications for the web using Open Source software, with a special focus on Semantic Web and Linked Data oriented projects. Net7 has currently clients and partners in several European countries. Its headquarters are located in Pisa while another lab is in Lecce, in the South of Italy.


S-com is an International non-profit association based in Brussels.
Since 2005, the association has been working towards improving the role of communication in sustainability and social innovation, in line with the  European strategy. The creation and dissemination of shared knowledge, research and innovation are essential conditions to build a sustainable society in economic, social, environmental and institutional terms. It follows that the creation of a sustainable model depends on a communication based on principles such as societal integration and participation.


Nexus 4.0 is an international no-profit organization founded in Brussels in 2017. The association is currently made of the following four founding members: Innovation and development consulting (Belgium), Scuola di Amministrazione Aziendale (Italy), S.I.RI.O (Italy), Seed Capital Pro (Italy). Nexus 4.0 is a training association that works in the field of education and professional training with the aims of supporting a wide array of subjects such as schools, universities, private companies and other organizations. Nexus 4.0 is a member of “Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition”. The scope of Nexus 4.0 is to facilitate and accelerate the spread of a new type of knowledge and to develop digital and managerial skills that are useful in the framework of the future digital society.


Beyond is a company that deals with research, development and innovation. The core business is the realization of European Projects using the Direct Funds of the European Commission which allow customers (companies, SMEs, public bodies, research centres, universities, cooperatives, non-profit entities) to have direct access to European funding, without having to use indirect or structural funds. For the implementation of European Projects, Beyond can count on the professionalism of various Consultants with specific experiences in different sectors (energy, energy efficiency, industrial process optimization, Internet of Things, mechanical technology, robotics, software development, pharmaceutical, agriculture, socio – cultural, environment, etc.).

EU Experts

EUE  is a Belgian NGO working, since 2001, as a network of “Seconded National Experts” of the European Commission and other EU Institutions. European Union Expert (EUE) was officially founded in 2005 by Clenad’s will to create an association focused on building a solid network between current and former EU officials during and after their work-period in Brussels. Since 2012, EUE started being involved in communitarian organization, initiatives for Active Citizenship, youth support, trainings, information & dissemination activities and professional development.In the accomplishment of its mission, EU Experts builds on the competence certification scheme, according to the EQF, developed by EurEthICS Training Academy, which is a Certification of Educational Services body able to register highest specialized professionals in all fields of European Studies, such as legal services, cultural, environmental, education through sport studies.

Alain Tubiana – Gnomon

Alain Tubiana is an international expert and consultant on cluster management. He has 9 years of experience as cluster manager in the Information Technology (IT) sector. In the past nine years he has conducted more than 40 missions for cluster organizations as well as governments and the European Commission both in Europe (France, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia,Lithuania,Turkey…) and abroad (Lebanon, Morocco, Mauritius, Tunisia, Algeria, Comoros, Madagascar, Seychelles and three French Overseas Territories, New Caledonia, La Réunion and Mayotte). He works on public policy design or advice and cluster initiative support. He has trained more than 180 cluster managers on site and through distance learning. He contributed to activate 14 cluster initiatives in various sectors like textile, automotive, IT, mechanics, creative industry, energy efficiency, agro-food, chemical industry, cosmetics and logistics in 9 different countries. He developed several projects to facilitate the technology transfer from laboratories to companies and has a strong experience in business support for SMEs.
Alain Tubiana has also 20 years of experience as consultant in economic development strategies for territories and project management. After studying public law and journalism, he started his professional career as communication officer in a cabinet. He is head of the Master programme in Cluster Management at University of Strasbourg and lecturer at Kedge Business School. He is member of the European Commission Expert Group on Clusters


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