Innovation & Development Consulting, Brussels, Belgium

ID Consulting is more than company: it’s a fascinating history started in 1997 from the ideas of its founding members who had a strong passion for research, innovation and sustainable development. Lying at the very heart of the European Union, ID Consulting had the opportunity not only to witness history but also to create it together with its partners, customers, researchers and officials who embraced its innovative method. Because of its solid ethical values and its ability to translate innovative ideas into concrete and successful projects, over the years ID Consulting was able to gain the trust of those who want to take part in a knowledge-sharing community and contribute to the shaping of a better future for everyone


Our name stands for Innovation & Development, which is at the same time our core expertise and our promise: we focus on advising clients and partners – SMEs and startups, but also public agencies and some big industry players – when it comes to agenda setting, market uptake, networking and fundraising in Brussels as well a across the EU member states, with a specific expertise on EU Affairs.

Brussels in an extraordinary agora that brings together a variety of different actors with diverse goals. Seizing opportunities, seeing them through, heading towards new and challenging objectives, designing the optimal strategy, adopting the right plan… This is what we do best.

Since the very beginning, we opted for a “boutique approach” in order to provide high-quality solutions and to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. This is made possible thanks to a trusted network of key contacts both in the public and in the private sector.

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